Roon complains about desktop resolution and will only work in Max or Full screen mode

When I start Roon on the client machine, Windows PC connected via a DVI-D connector to a Samsung 4K tv, it complains that the desktop resolution is not high enough and that the application will only start in Fullscreen or Maximized mode. This makes it a true pain to do other things on the same computer (like diagnose why Roon is not outputting any sound). The computer is set to send a 1080 desktop and no other program on the computer has an issue.

Any suggestions.

Hey @Rugby – thanks for getting in touch.

Right now, Roon requires at least 700 pixels of vertical space, and there are a couple reasons why you might be having this issue, even when it seems like you should have more than enough resolution:

  • a fixed taskbar in Windows or dock in OS X will subtract from your usable space
  • the window title and borders will subtract from your usable space
  • the scale factor on windows

You can tweak scale factor by right-clicking on the desktop, choosing Screen Resolution, then clicking “Make Text And Other Items Larger Or Smaller”.

The screen looks like this:

If you’re running 125% or higher on 1080p with taskbar, it’s possible you’re going to drop below 700px.

Hope that helps @Rugby!

Thanks Mike. That did take care of that issue.

Hey Rugby.

I have just posted a similar topic regarding 4k screen resolution (waiting for an approval).
Have you tried changing screen resolution on your PC to 4k?

I am debating going 4k on PC, then through Denon 4k capable receiver and to 4k TV.


I have used 4k output from the PC. However, the issue is the text in certain programs can get really small and Windows 10 scaling is horrible. So, I set it at 1080 so I can read it from across the room. Please note, that this decision was not based on Roon, as I use this PC for basic web browsing, picture looking etc. I am not using it as a home theater/gaming PC as the little NUC can’t really process game graphics that well with the integrated Intel chipset.

Thanks Rugby. I appreciate your feedback. My Roon PC also has Intel integrated GPU. It works fine with Roon using 1080p resolution. I am curious how it would work with Roon using 4k resolution. I am a bit concern with the GPU ability processing 4k with reasonable refresh rates.

No prob Kris. When I had my PC set to 4k resolution (and this was a year ago) I remember it running Roon just fine. Text was smaller of course. But, it was mainly websites being so small that made me set the PC to 1080. I don’t use the PC for movies or videos just web browsing and as a Roon Endpoint. Maybe some light MS Office or to remote control my work computers.

I do have my PC video setup directly to the TV and the Roon audio coming out directly to the amp; I am using the TV’s one connect box as a hub for all the video. I am not setup in with surround sound, so I plug all the video straight to the one connect box, I have a toslink coming out of the tv to the amp/dac, I also have toslink going from my PC to the AMP dac, and USB going from the PC to a Schiit Modi Multibit which then connects to the amp via RCA.

I see. Your setup is slightly different from what I have. My central hub is the Denon, especially for video from all the sources. I use it for surround sound too but only for center and surround speakers. The fronts are powered by separate amps and another preamp. I think I am going to directly connect 4k TV to my Roon PC as a test and see how it works before plunging into a 4k capable receiver. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing more details on your setup.