Roon confict with Tidal app while mobile

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I am new to Roon. I installed ROCK on a NUC and while I am at home everything works great whether I am controlling music from a PC or my Ipad. The ROCK NUC is running 24 hours a day in a rack.

When I am not home and hence not connected to the ROCK (no VPN setup yet), I understand the solution is to play music on my Ipad via the Tidal app. That works fine for a while, but then the Tidal app stops the music playback stating that Tidal is being used by Roon and my subscription does not support multiple streams. It is my guess that the ROCK is doing some housekeeping as no one at home is playing music via Roon.

Is there something I don’t understand?

Have you stopped all zones? You can definitely use tidal on a phone or dap roon as long as all the zones are stopped.

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Hi @Richard_Rockers, this should only happen if playback is happening in Roon. If you have any zones still playing content you can see this error.


Hey @Richard_Rockers,

I wanted to take a moment and check in :nerd_face:

I was wondering if you have any more questions on this, after Dylan’s and @ged_hickman1’s answers.

Please, let us know if we can help :pray:

There has been no further similar events, so you can consider the issue resolved. Thanks