Roon confuses two recordings of Mahler's 7th

@jamie and @joel

I’m writing to let you know about a metadata issue I noticed. Roon recognizes Michael Tilson Thomas’s 1999 recording of Mahler’s Symphony No. 7 with the London Symphony (Mahler: Symphony No. 7 - Michael Tilson Thomas | Release Info | AllMusic) as his 2005 recording of the same work with the San Francisco Symphony (Mahler: Symphony No. 7 - San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas | Release Info | AllMusic).

I am interested what happened with this apparent confusion. As a client there is not much to do. Probably the metadata has to be changed by Roon ? Or is the recognition of the correct performance (1999 or 2005) the problem ? Seems also the work alone on the Roon side. There is not much what you can do yourself ?

Hi Kees,

I believe these problems usually lie with the metadata provider. Here’s an example of an issue Roon developers were able to get resolved by contacting Rovi/Allmusic:

I see what is the problem. The quickest way would be perhaps to set the metadata straight yourself in Roon directly, at least when it are works that you have in your own collection. It cannot work with streaming works. For me it is easy. As I have so many pieces in my own collection that it takes about a lifetime (or what is left of it) to hear tem all at least once :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not much of a problem for my own use. I pointed it out mainly to contribute to the gradual improvement of all the metadata that’s out there.

In my case, the misidentified album (the one with the London Symphony) is on Qobuz. I could edit the year and credits, but the album description would be the same unless I forced Roon to use the basic file information (which would be worse).

Thanks for your comments!



Hi @Jesse,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As always, we appreciate the heads up here. We’ll take a look at these titles more closely to determine why they’re being mis-equivalenced in our database. I’m going to mark this one solved because I’ve discussed it with our metadata developer. The request has gone into his queue. Please note that the change may not occur right away, but it’s on his radar.

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