Roon confusing my Computer’s Audio Devices with Core's Audio Devices [Resolved - Reinstalled Windows]

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro, i7, 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Switches, Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

ropieee > USB > Amp
Nvidia Shield Chromcast

Library Size

3400 tracks

Description of Issue

So I have core running on PC1, I want to be able to use PC2 as an endpoint using the speakers on PC2. Everything is on a wired LAN.

Problem - On PC2 when I go to Settings> Audio. Under ‘This PC’ i would expect to see my PC soundcard(s) and simply enable / name them. HOWEVER, it is showing me the devices from PC1 (Core), and NOT PC2

Troubleshooting done to date

  1. All firewalls disabled
  2. Roon completely installed from both machines, all roon folders deleted
  3. New core installed and setup from scratch
  4. New core installed and restored from backup
  5. PC completely clean Windows installation
  6. Disabled / enabled the sound card in device manager on the core. Roon correctly shows the audio settings on both PC1 / PC2 when I do this - so I know what I am seeing is the device from the PC1 (core)

Screenshot taken on PC1 (core)

Screenshot taken on PC2

So what magic is going in the background. Why is Roon incorrectly showing the audio devices from PC1 under ‘this pc’ when I look at settings from PC2.

How does roon, under the hood, identify unique PC’s (I think this may be something to do with it).

Any help appreciated as it’s driving me nuts. Thanks

Are the zones on pc2 set to private?

there are no zones on PC2 as it never shows the devices for me to create a zone. it only shows the devices from the core - that’s my problem :slight_smile:

Make sure pc2 has all the right exceptions in the firewall.

Not convinced that the problem is as you believe, but there’s this about Realtek drivers -

thanks all, I was running 6.0.9071.1 drivers for the Realtek (from windows update), I downloaded and installed 6.0.9054.1 from Gigabyte, but the problem is the same.

All firewalls are OFF

To Confirm - when viewing settings from PC2 what I see under ‘My PC’ is not correct, it’s showing me the disabled device from the core computer (PC1) and not the sound devices from PC2 - this is the problem I have.

If they are private, they aren’t seen, thus private.

No zone are private

Can you see those devices in windows control panel sound settings on pc2?

yes, see the screenshots I attached to start of this thread which show the devices for each machine. The single sound device on the core is disabled in device manager

I think I’m going to spin up a virtual machine (when I get time) and install the core on that, see if that resolves the confusion

Core on a VM will have its own set of frustrations.

Maybe @support has some insight.

I see screen shots from device manager. What do screen shots of control panel → sound show?

screenshots below!

I really do think the issue is Roon not seeing PC2 / thinking it’s PC1 for some reason - in terms of sound devices at least

Hi @M_Badger

Did you clone the remote PC or anything like that? Roon uses information about the machine to properly identify which is which, and in this case it looks like the Core and remote have the same identifier to Roon, so it’s causing some issues.

previously PC2 was a clone of PC1, from some years back - However, PC2 is now a fresh install of windows as per my first post.

I think you might be on to something though. I already checked Windows UID which are different on both machines. Is there some other identifier that might be lurking that a clean install would not have erased ??

Hi @M_Badger — If it’s a fresh install of Windows that shouldn’t be the case, then. Have you tried completely reinstalling Roon on both machines?

Assuming that doesn’t help, can you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Please send logs from both machines and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

thanks Dylan - yes I did fresh installs. I will ping over the logs in the morning

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When you say ‘fresh install’, you mean on bare metal, right?

Usually, problems similar to your’s occur on RPi endpoints because one RPi has been cloned to another.

yes, bare metal on clean formatted hard drive etc

Hey @M_Badger

I’m confident that Dylan will get you going here but I wanted to reach out in the interim and ensure that you have added exceptions for Roon Server on your firewall. This is sometimes missed and it would exhibit characteristics similar to what you’re seeing. Please use this article for more information on setting exceptions.

Additionally, on PC2 I would recommend using the AMD High Definition Audio Device over the Realtek. The Realtek driver probably isn’t involved in the issue you’re seeing here but they have been known to misbehave and cause problems. :+1:t2: