Roon Connect App on iPhone XR does not find core

Force quit will involve swiping up from the bottom of the screen and holding your finger there for a few seconds then getting rid of the running roon app by swiping it up off the screen. If you find you have many many apps running this too can cause issues and swiping them all off the screen is often a good idea.

Thanks @noris . Looking forward to the findings of your investigation. After reviewing Networking Best Practices Guide I see that a 802.11ac router upgrade + Orbi mesh network might be in order. Yay more toys. Boo wife will kill me.

I’m pedantic about closing unused apps. I always saw swiping the app closed as a quit, but it’s a force quit?

thanks @wizardofoz . Are you on the NBN in OZ? What router / modem + mesh network would you recommend for a FTTP NBN connection?

I consider it a force-quit since if an app locks up, you can essentially force quit it an start it again.

I just want to be clear here, upgrading the router to a standard (non-ISP provided) router is a good step, but may not necessarily solve the disconnect upon waking up issue. Our investigation is underway, but from what we can tell it is related to how the iOS system itself considers an app in “sleep mode” and what connection it keeps awake after the screen is off. When the issue next occurs, I would try “swiping away” the app and starting it again to see if you are able to regain control.

If you require a special model to facilitate the initial conversion from the ISP feed -> Ethernet, you can use your current modem/router as a regular modem by switching it to what is called Bridge Mode. Bridge Mode would have the router aspect of the modem disabled, along with the WiFi and just provide one Ethernet output which will then feed into the new mesh router but still keep the same connection type settings.

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I’m in Singapore but will have to deal with the nbn soonish as my parents will need help getting on it soon I think.

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Just want to add an update to this. I have not had connection issues from my iPhone XR since the most recent Roon ios app update.

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Hi @Dameon_Jamie,

Glad to hear that the issue has subsided since updating the app!

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