Roon connected to BlueSound Vault which is Connected to Bahama Receiver

OK, HELP or as they say in South Texas “ayudame”. I have a BlueSound Vault 2 hooked up to my Yamaha Receiver via an optical cable.

How do I use Roon, which I have now on my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone to PLAY through the VAULT into my receiver?

Install the Roon core software on your MacBook Pro. Go into settings and add your BlueSound Vault as a Roon end-point. Install the Roon app on your iPad, iPhone, or both. Use your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to control your Roon software to play music.

I have done that, thank you. So if I literally have the Bluesound Vault into an input on the receiver, have the Roon application open and select a song to play and hit play on the application, in theory the RECEIVER should read from the BlueSound Vault the song and play it.

God as my witness, I hope you are right. My entire library right now is “syncing” from the Vault into Roon, it’s up to 13,000 songs and 638 albums, I think I have like 15,000 songs so praying.

Thank you!

Hi. I turned off MacBook Pro. Now I can’t access Bluesound vault from iPad. Does my computer need to stay on all the time

yes you do.

Yes, of course. All of your music files, either local, Tidal, or Qobuz, have to pass through your MacBook Pro for processing by the Roon core software. The Roon core then sends the music through your network to your Bluesound Vault and then to your receiver.

This is why many people, including me, purchase a Roon Nucleus or build a NUC with Roon ROCK to run the Roon core software. These computers are left on 24/7 for best results to update Roon metadata and do scheduled backups, etc.

You should study this

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