Roon connecting to unknown internet services?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacOS 10.14.6; Roon Core 1.7

Description Of Issue
I have an application firewall on my Mac (Little Snitch) that polices what network connections are allowed from running software. Roon has an ugly habit of connecting to unknown IPs and worse, it seems to do so without using the DNS names. This is very troubling.

Why is Roon making all these connections??

Some interesting reading regarding connections and also how LS is to be seen from Roon’s PoV:

Ten months later and they’re still not signing their installation. I should note too that it’s not sandboxed, which means it has unfettered access to the filesystem. Not okay.

The app is now fully signed and also notarized with Apple. LS should show you so.

Except, we don’t. Those IPs are being accessed via DNS (all of them are associated with subdomains of, and Little Snitch is doing a bad job figuring out what they are. I suggest complaining to them, as we are far from the only people using GCP’s load balancing/CDN infrastructure.

I addressed this exact topic in the last thread about this topic that @anon47919701 linked above in more detail.

This is misinformation. Our current builds are signed and notarized, and trigger permission prompts when accessing filesystem locations as Apple deems appropriate.

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