Roon connection problem with Tidal where old support items gives no solution

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 op Lenova Thinkpad Intel I7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet or Wifi same problem

Connected Audio Devices

NAD C368 BluOS

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am using Tidal as the music service . And live radio.
I can sign in Tidal from any device including the laptop where Roon core is installed.
But when i try to sign in Tidal from Roon there is no connection. Network error.
From that moment it is also not possible to use the live radio anmore,
Also when i quit Roon and login again the problem persists.
Also trying to change the password from that moment gives a netwerk error.

After a new uninstall en instal i can use Roon and the live radio.
Also from my android Mobile device.
Then also the live radio is back.
Until the moment i again triy to login Tidal from within Roon.
Than the problem repeat.

My Android device can play e few numers in the combination Roon and Tidal.
But then suddenly also this playing stop with an network connection problem.

I also did a frehsh install of Internet with the same negative result.
At this moment i cannot use Roon in combination with Tidal on my windows 11 PC

I looked also on simular support items.
non-200 status code from Tidal, code: 400
But in that item your team make it working at a given moment.

On my android device there is also an authetication errot.
non-200 status code from Tidal: code 503
It seems that this problem now returned.

Please help.

Please complete the networking section in detail, explaining how each is connected, and the type and make of Wi-Fi, router, switches, etc. used.

Thanks voor your reply.
After a few days of not working i installed everyting again. My DNS settings now on automatic. It is working at the moment,
There is a possibility that software "Video Downloader Ultimate " was responsible for the problem. Only when this software was continious scanning. Maybe useful for other users when they also used this or simular software.
I hope that the problem stays away.

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