Roon connection to library /core

Hello @RodS,
we have made extended tests here with a roon/PDP3000HV/PA3000HV system and we have found no problems - everything worked as it should.

To better understand your problem I would like to ask the following questions:

1.) Which T+A amplifier or preamplifier model do you use with your PDP3000HV ?

2.) From what I read I assume that you use separate cabling for PCM and DSD between your PDP3000HV and your (pre-)amplifier. Is this correct ?

3.) When you play CD & SACD discs on your PDP3000HV does the switching between PCM and DSD inputs (Input 1 / Input 2) on the amplifier work as it should (i.e. do you get sound output for both disc types) ?

Could you please for a try setup your system for combined DSD+PCM cabling and check if then everything works properly.

Please enter the “System Configuration Menu” of the PDP3000HV and for Output Configuration please choose the setting “PCM+DSD”.
(You can leave all cables in place for this test - no need to remove the DSD cable between DSD-Out of PDP3000HV and IN2 of the Amp).
Details can be found in the user manual on p.50 and in the appendix/wiring diagrams.

Best regards,

Hi Lothar

  1. I have the PA 3000 HV integrated amp.

  2. Yes , I have separate cabling for PCM & DSD

  3. Yes when playing CD or SACD Discs the auto switching works .

Just to clarify what is happening…

Today I turned on the system and started to play roon and I had sound straight from the off.
The switching in roon auto switches between the DSD & PCM fine.

However sometimes when I switch on system I get no sound from either DSD or PCM( It switches between the 2 formats) even though roon is showing that it is playing.
By turning the Dac off and back on again, (usually once is enough but sometimes it takes a couple of turnings off and back on again) I get sound from both DSD & PCM…

I have now tried what you asked and changed to PCM+DSD from PCM/DSD and have had the same problem.

Sometimes It starts with sound and sometimes I have to switch the dac off and on again to get sound out.

I have the PCM to input 3 and the DSD to input 2 as per the manual for PDP 3000HV on page 75 and not as you mention input1/input 2

thanks for your help

Hi Rod,

thank you for your detailed answer.
Could you please tell us what kind of ethernet/USB bridge you are using ?
For our testing we would like to use a setup as close as possible to yours.


Hi Lothar

Roon nucleus + firmware 1.0(build 174)stable/ ver 1.6

So upstairs I have in-coming cable broadband router (VIrgin media badged ) netgear vmdg485.

An ethernet cable goes from the vmdg485 to netgear switch gs108 which is approx 5 inches away
The Sonology NAS is also plugged into this gs108 also about 5 inches away

The sonology 713+ NAS is connected to this switch by ethernet cable
This same Upstairs gs108 goes via ethernet cable to another netgear gs108 switch downstairs.

The downstairs gs108 goes via ethernet to the nucleus+
The nucleus+ connects via USB to the PDP3000HV

thanks Rod

sonology 713+ is connected to this switch by ethernet
gs108 upstairs ethernet cable another gs108 downstairs.
downstairs gs108 connects to nucleus+


Any news, been a while?

Hello @RodS,

We’ve reached out to T+A for an update on their testing, keep your eyes on this thread for an update from us or the T+A team.


Still nothing.

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