Roon connection to Oppo 105 and Tidal MQA Masters

Hi, I know this has been covered before but I can’t get the connection.

Using Roon 64bit latest version with PC Windows 10 as core. Using Oppo 105 (3/4 Yrs old) - latest firmware version (10XEU - 83-1226) with Qnap Nas.

Can access Nas & Tidal via Oppo media player. PC recognises Oppo as a net work device but Roon does not see Oppo at all - cannot enable it.I have had no problems roon to Kef ls50 wireless and Auralic Aires mini.

So ?? please assist as I started this process to lsten to MQA Albums via Oppo.

Regards, Don

Does the Oppo need WIN10 drivers?

Only Oppo UDP models are Roon capable. Any older models will not appear as Roon networked devices.


Thank you - have only realised now I have the 105 , stupid!!


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