Roon connection to tablet is lost

I am still in trial period.
I installed application into SSD card in QNAP
Proceeded with linking to music folder
Then I installed the program to my desktop pc and connected Roon with Electrocompaiet ECM1 MKII
I succeeded playing the system by using the application I installed into my Ipad Pro.
But the day after my Ipad lost connection to Roon (cabled).
There appears an option “Airplay” which I do not want.
In the setup of IpadPro “Searching for Roon OS Core…” message remains with no success. Everyting is connected to network.
Please advise

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You should describe your setup , sounds like a network issue

Wi fi ???

There is a ti ket replied by Rebecca from Roonlabs saying that:
"To begin with, the configure Roon Core function is only applicable when running RoonServer (e.g. you have a Nucleus or a NAS or a NUC). If your Roon Core is on an iMac, this function cannot be used.
If you navigate to Settings → Audio, what do you see? Could you please send us a screenshot?
Could you please reboot your Linn streamer (please turn it off, unplug it for a couple of minutes, plug it back in and turn it on)".
I applied all (Rebooted the NAS, totally turned off the Network streamer for a while and reinstalled Roon Software to my PC)
Did not work.
The Setup of Roon Software (displays the music info) but not play. Still showing the message “Searching for Roon Core…” and
I cannot choose among the options of playing devices. The one I need is pale so cannot be chosen

Thank you,
All connected by ethernet (not 10 GBE) but didn’t experience any problem until now as I also watch 4K and HDR Meetings through the NAS Connection.
NAS-Desktop PC (cabled)
NAS-Electrocompaniet Network Reciever (Cabled)
Ipad Pro - WiFi

make sure you are not on a guest network…also make sure its on the same IP range as the LAN.

if you are trying to use the iPad as a zone then you need to change the iPad settings in roon app to non private zone for the iPad to be seen by other remotes

maybe try an app like FING on the iPad to see if you can see the Core machine and everything else on the network

You can use the iPad to “receive” but it doesn’t show as am end point on the core unless you make it non private (I learned the other day courtesy of Rugby !!). It shows OK in the Remote App

Its how I run Bluetooth speakers in my kitchen area

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Hello @O_Nuri_Ozgirgin,

Thanks so much for posting about this on our community. I’m so happy to see that since you posted, so many of our subscribers have chimed in to help (thanks everyone :pray:).

Their suggestions are brilliant! Please, do let us know if any of them work in your case :nerd_face:

Many thanks to all,
I can now use it as I intended
Best wishes