Roon connection to Tidal and Qobuz unstable

Roon Core Machine

IMac 27” 2020 40GB MacOS Big Sur
Running Mac Roon 1.8 (831) App as core
IPad iOS 14.8.1 Roon 1.8 (831) as controller

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1GBe LAN hardwire, Ubiquity router to Comcast

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 via RAAT

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Tidal and Qobuz connection from Roon is unstable. Pages fail to load properly, random errors, can’t load now playing artwork from Qobuz, can’t get playlist pages from Tidal.

This has been a recurring problem for six weeks now, at least, since I first joined Roon. A note on community from Roon tech support from Sep 13 said the problem with Qobuz servers had been identified but it has yet to be fixed. And these problems are not unique to Roon->Qobuz, I have issues with Roon->Tidal also. Both apps work perfectly on their own. No issues.

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It seems to be a problem with Roon servers at the moment. Many users have reported malfunctions when integrating with Qobuz and Tidal.

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Here’s the queue…

And here’s the Now Playing page…

Here’s Qobuz after thirty seconds delay watching a spinning Roon logo…

Tidal via Roon… it took a couple of minutes of spinning Roon before the empty playlist emerged…

And the same Mix 1 on the Tidal app…

I too am seeing connection issues with roon and Tidal. Tested Tidal on my other system (Naim Uniti Nova) and it works perfectly with Tidal (not via roon)

Think Roon must be having issues with Tidal networking right now

I am using Qobuz, and I have the same problem. It’s for both Tidal and Qobuz.

Same problem for me with Qobuz. Very slow to show its interface, and frequent user disconnection. Clicking “Retry” solves the second problem (very very annoying), but the interface is not reactive as usual.

Hey everyone,

We’re so sorry about the trouble! It is very likely that is was caused by the partial serve outage we experienced at the time. This was now resolved, so there shouldn’t be any more issues :nerd_face:


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