Roon Connects to KEF LS50W but Will Not Play

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Was connecting wirelessly from modem/router to the Dell, and Dell to LS50W by ethernet. All was perfect. Now, I am attempting to connect the Dell to the LS50W wirelessly rather than by ethernet cable. Roon finds the KEFs, and even turns them on when I select a track, but will not play.

Hi @Michael_Brezinsky,

Thanks for getting in touch, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having a connection issue with your KEFs.

Are you unable to continue running a wired ethernet connection to your LS50W speakers? It sounds you were having good results there. Alsoo, your Signal Chain is showing a processing speed under 10% - meaning that your machine is struggling with the load you have on it.
Processing speeds under 10% can result in behavior like you’re seeing.

As a test, please disable the Parametric EQ you’re using on that endpoint and see if that improves anything. In addition, I’ve added the support template to your post. Please add as much detail to that as you can for us. That will help us troubleshoot your problem.
I’ll be watching for your reply.

Hi Jamie…
Thank you for your reply. I solved the wireless connection issue, but the sound pales to that from the ethernet connection. Now, I’ve read that many prefer USB; however, when thus connected, the DELL core does not find the KEFs. Ideas?

Are you able to verify that the Dell’s USB port and/or cable are working and connecting to the LS50Ws on the Dell? Does the Dell present the KEFs as an audio option from the Windows Audio interface (and not Roon’s Audio section)?

I got a new core… Samsung Flex2 Alpha. Everything works wirelessly, but not when wired. I’m running the modem (xfinity XB7-T) by ethernet to the core (via gigabit ethernet adapter), and the core to the LS50W I in the same manner. Roon finds the speakers, switches them on, but does not play. Now, to your question: The KEFs show up in the Windows Device Manager, but not the Windows Audio Interface. All drivers are up-to-date.

Michael, thank you for the additional information. When you stated that you connect the Core to the LS50Ws in the same manner, are the KEFs connected to the Xfinity router via Ethernet cable, or are the KEFs connected to the Core directly with another Etherrnet cable? The KEFs need to be connected to the Xfinity router via Ethernet cable or wirelessly to the router, then the KEFs can be seen by the Core. Or have I misstated the configuration? Also, if everything is connected via Ethernet cable to the Xfinity router, you should have any wireless interface turned off on the Core’s laptop.

router > ethernet cable > core > ethernet cable > kef

Again, the KEFs are, indeed, seen by the core. When I select a track, the KEFs switch on, but the track does not advance.

Also, did you suggest that I can connect both the KEFs and the core individually to the router, but not to each other?

That is correct:

Rotuer->Ethernet cable->Core and separately, Router->Ethernet cable->KEFs

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Your wiring suggestion works! Let me understand… So, the core is now both receiving data from and sending it to the router via ethernet, and the router is sending the signal by ethernet directly to the speakers?

Although I have not yet been able to evaluate the sound quality under this arrangement, can you tell me how this wiring design differs from what I previously had working (before it stopped), that is, router > ethernet cable > core > ethernet cable > kef?

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Sure, I’ll try. The Core laptop is not really configured to be a network device (such as a switch or router), but rather a network endpoint, and similarly for the KEFs, they are a network endpoint. When you chain the Core between the router and the KEFs, the KEFs are not seen on the network properly with the Core, and the Core will not send Roon traffic to the KEFs. The router should be the traffic control point, it allows the Core and KEFs to talk to each other.

I understand. Then how was it working when I did chain the core between the router and KEFs? Could it be that the router was communicating with the KEFs via wifi, despite the fact that core and KEF’s were tied by ethernet?

That’s what I was thinking.

Thank you, Robert. That’s interesting, because the sound quality was outstanding that way. I’ll go take it for a spin and see how this configuration compares.

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Glad it’s working for you Michael.

Thank you for the assist @Robert_F! I’m glad to hear that you’re getting music form those KEFs now @Michael_Brezinsky!

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