Roon connects to Meridian streamer, ARC doesn't

Hi, I own a Merdian 210 streamer, which works well with Roon (not ARC), but ARC only plays on my iPhone (and not to the streamer). On this same phone old Roon works well, connecting and playing on the 210 streamer. ARC is well configured, tested a good connection (after finding proper settings in router). I wondered whether ARC is not replacing old Roon but only provides remote acces. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards, Jan

Yes, ARC is designed for use when away from your Roon core.
It currently only plays to the device it’s installed on.

Ah, is it that simple…Thanks!

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But you could connect to it via Bluetooth, should you want to. Why would you want to?

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This may be helpful:

Well, I would not have to use two apps for instance. But I’m happy with the situation as it is now.

I wish they added ARC functionality to the original Roon app instead of creating a new app. One Plex app works at home and remotely.