Roon Consistently Loses Control of Device in 1-3 mins after Build 943 Update

Yeah, good example: I also watched this effect in the last two days: Roon reported me that Qobuz is not available, but this was a lie. And: Since several weeks I make the observation, that I must wait 2-5 seconds after clicking play button until the music starts again. „Again“ means: I had paused the song and clicked the play button again, but for some seconds nothing happens. In the Qobuz app directly I don´t experience such fails or delay.

I have not had any reason to review the support section over the last few years and an consequently wondering how long it typically takes before a Roon Developer responds? Anyone in this thread have experience there?

Does that mean when you plug the Naim in via Ethernet it still exhibits the same issues?

Yes, same issue regardless

I’ve been having this problem for a year now. Frequently (by which I mean, often enough to be irritating) Roon just stops whatever it’s playing. I’ve looked at the log files, and every time it happens, I see the same thing: one of my dozen or so endpoints loses its connection to the Core, and the Core apparently shuts down everything and rescans the network to reestablish what endpoints exist. This whole thing happens in less than a minute, but the side-effect is that whatever is playing, is stopped.

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I have on occasion experienced the problem you describe but what I am describing here happens every single time I attempt to play music. I lose the connection somewhere between 5 sec and 10 min after starting.
It is impossible to play an entire album.

One additional clue that I have been suspecting and now have been able to replicate twice this morning. ‘Sometimes’ (but not always) Roon will lose the connection at exactly the moment I hit a key on my laptop or the trackpad. So I can be working while the music is playing and when I bump the trackpad is stops exactly at the moment I click the trackpad. Again this issue is inconsistent whereas the primary issue happens whether I am on my laptop or not.

Support will start again on Monday. Rather in the afternoon, because it does not come from Europe.

However, my observation is that the free capacities are very limited and so there can be delays until the support is forwarded to the QA team.

I would already read the instructions on how to get the logs so that this is available quickly when asked for. Maybe a Nucleus and Mac owner has further hints.

My suspicion is that there is a race condition in Roon somewhere, which is triggered when some unfortunate confluence of events occurs. And that Roon then recovers from its effects by returning everything to a “known state”. In my set-up, I have lots of WiFi devices (tablets, phones, iPads) that can’t be Ethernet-connected, along with lots of things like Google Minis, which aren’t. And the simple act of walking through a room can alter the WiFi connectivity of one or more of those devices. But perhaps a trackpad bump could have a similar effect.

Do you see anything in the log files?

Haven’t really dug into the logs, but will do it next time I fire up the system and it crashes. Looking back earlier this morning all I see is this:

05/21 22:48:53 Trace: [raat] [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] => Disconnected
05/21 22:48:53 Trace: [raat] [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] lost client connection

What you’re looking for is in the Roon Server logfile. What I see is a series of lines about the endpoint that’s playing that have PLAYING in them, followed by some system upset, followed by the same endpoint being STOPPED.

Thanks for the idea to check the long Roon log. Just even my DAC was lost:

05/22 18:54:40 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Franks-MacBook-Pro @] lost client connection. Retrying
05/22 18:54:40 Debug: FTMSI-B closed file for qo/B44FA59A; open files:0
05/22 18:54:40 Debug: FTMSI-B qo/B44FA59A download status: AllBlocksDownloaded accessTimeout:False openFiles:0 prev:(AllBlocksDownloaded,False,1)
05/22 18:54:40 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer → stream] All streams were disposed
05/22 18:54:40 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer] All streams were disposed
05/22 18:54:40 Trace: [HiRes] [zoneplayer/raat] Endpoint iFi (by AMR) HD USB Audio Output State Changed: Playing => Prepared
05/22 18:54:40 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer → stream → endpoint] All streams were disposed
05/22 18:54:40 Warn: [raat/tcpaudiosource] send failed: The socket has been shut down
05/22 18:54:40 Warn: [raat/tcpaudiosource] disconnecting + retrying
05/22 18:54:40 Debug: [raat/tcpaudiosource] disconnecting
05/22 18:54:40 Debug: [easyhttp] [9030] POST to returned after 584 ms, status code: 200
05/22 18:54:40 Trace: [devicemap] device map updated
05/22 18:54:40 Warn: [zoneplayer/raat] Error during streaming: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at Sooloos.Broker.Transport.RaatZonePlayer+<>c__DisplayClass31_0.<_StartStream4>b__1 () [0x00452] in :0
05/22 18:54:40 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Franks-MacBook-Pro @] connecting (attempt 1)

My system just played for a solid 15min and then crashed when I attempted to use the remote on my iphone (toad bucket in this log). The repeated attempts to connection go on for quite some time.

05/22 16:55:27 Trace: [Naim] [Lossless, 16/44 TIDAL FLAC => 16/44] [100% buf] [PAUSED @ 0:59/4:25] Appletree - Erykah Badu
05/22 16:55:29 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] no data received for >10000ms. Killing connection.
05/22 16:55:29 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] lost client connection. Retrying
05/22 16:55:29 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] connecting (attempt 1)
05/22 16:55:32 Info: [stats] 23720mb Virtual, 2025mb Physical, 778mb Managed, 327 Handles, 82 Threads
05/22 16:55:34 Debug: [easyhttp] [3672] POST to returned after 607 ms, status code: 200
05/22 16:55:34 Trace: [devicemap] device map updated
05/22 16:55:35 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] connected
05/22 16:55:35 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] SENT {“request”:“enumerate_devices”,“subscription_id”:“0”}
05/22 16:55:45 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] no data received for >10000ms. Killing connection.
05/22 16:55:45 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] lost client connection. Retrying
05/22 16:55:45 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] connecting (attempt 1)
05/22 16:55:46 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] connected
05/22 16:55:46 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] SENT {“request”:“enumerate_devices”,“subscription_id”:“0”}
05/22 16:55:47 Info: [stats] 23607mb Virtual, 2024mb Physical, 780mb Managed, 327 Handles, 70 Threads
05/22 16:55:56 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] no data received for >10000ms. Killing connection.
05/22 16:55:56 Trace: [raatserver] [RaatServer Toad-Bucket @] lost client

I had seen in my logs that there were many hundreds of entries for Debug: [tidal] network reachability changed. refreshing token or Debug: [easyhttp] [1503] GET to after … ms, status code: 200. Now I am experimenting without Tidal and Qobuz and after a restart I am playing local albums without errors.

The start looked a bit erratic at the beginning, but now everything is in smooth sailing and nowhere too busy. Even reading in the database is faster at the moment.

In my case, I am often playing Internet Radio stations. I see that Roon now reaches out to the station to see what each selection is, then pulls metadata for that selection from its metadata sources, making for a busy Core.

Here is one more shot at posting logs where Roon shut down using my Mac as a remote:

5/22 17:39:41 Trace: [Naim] [Lossless, 16/44 ALAC => 16/44] [100% buf] [PLAYING @ 2:49/4:07] Morning - Clare Fischer
05/22 17:39:42 Trace: [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] [raatclient] GOT [18] {“status”:“Ended”}
05/22 17:39:42 Trace: [raat] [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] => Disconnected
05/22 17:39:42 Trace: [raat] [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] lost client connection. Retrying
05/22 17:39:42 Trace: [raat] [Naim Audio Uniti Atom @] connecting (attempt 1)
05/22 17:39:42 Info: [transport] destroyed zone Naim was playing? True
05/22 17:39:42 Trace: [zone Naim] Suspend

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With Build 952 just installed I am going to take 2 days to evaluate the effect of the new build (if any) on my system issues.

So far build 952 has completely solved my issues. Have been playing music non-stop since the installation of 952 with no issues whatsoever. It would appear that this is the fix I needed.


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