Roon constantly asking for update, even though the latest version is already installed


We have had a small problem with Roon for quite some time now.
We constantly have a red triangle in the top right corner. If you click it, it shows this message :

(!) Metadata improver : Halted, Roon needs a software update
A software update is required before your music can be matched up with great cover art, lyrics, artist photo’s and more

So i checked the version in Settings > About.

Remote : This PC
Roon version 1.7 (build571) stable (64bit)
you have the latest version installed

Core : Antipodes CX ( IP Address of my Antipodes CX )
Roon version 1.7 (build571) stable
you have the latest version installed

So, if i have the newest version installed, why does Roon keep saying i need an update?
Sometimes i get a random update message, i do the update, Roon restarts, but nothing changes, the version & build are both the same as before.

I tried to clear the RoonServer cache, this fixes the problem for a little while before it occurs again.

I’ve contacted Antipodes to see what they think of this, they said i should try to delete the RoonServer app from my device, and re-install it, so i did. Nothing changed. The effect was the same as clearing the RoonServer cache. They then told me to ask you guys, so here i am.

Are you familiar with this problem & and how can i fix it permanently?
I’m looking forward to any answer or assistance.

With kind regards,

AFAIK this is a known bug and rebooting the core helped in my case and other users as well. Clearing cache alone does only help it temporarily.


Thank you for your answer.
The core has been rebooted multiple times. It’s been on, and off power.
Nothing has helped so far, so i hope someone here, preferably a Roon employee, has a solution for this.
Or i hope to hear that it will be fixed in the next official update/version.

Hello @Derk_Broos, and thanks for your report! In most cases, rebooting has fixed the metadata improver message, but not in all cases. In such cases we want to understand what might make your system different. Can you describe your network setup for me? Thanks!

Hi Derk,

I had the issue again yesterday. Just another hint:

  1. Reboot the machine that is running the Roon core.
  2. After reboot of the machine, reboot the Roon core once more.

At least this fixed it at my end.

Good luck

Hi @nuwriy, Everything has been rebooted multiple times but nothing seems to solve this problem permanently.

My network setup consists of an Ansuz PowerSwitch X-TC. My Roon Core is an Antipodes CX, and my RoonReady player is an Antipodes EX. Sometimes i play in a different zone as well with either a Bricasti M5 or a Lumin, this zone is not connected to a switch. But i’ve been playing a long time with this setup and i never had any problems untill a few weeks ago. The ethernet cables consist of Ansuz X-level to the core and other zone, and between the CX & EX there’s an AudioQuest Diamond.

This is our setup at work.
But at home i have the same problem, i have an Antipodes DX which functions both as the Roon Core & the RoonReady player without a network switch, so it’s connected straight to the router. Every day i have to clear the RoonServer cache to make the problem go temporarily away.

Rebooting does not work, not even temporarily.


I’ve had the same issue…the first occurred a couple of weeks ago and the last one this past Monday. Both times I was asked to log in, deauthorize an exsiting Roon core (this was true on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac…all of which i can use to control Roon). Once I did so, I saw the red triangle and the same message.

The first time, the only way for me to have it disappear was to stop Roon core running on my QNAP server and restart it. Note that I was already running the latest core version at that time.

I have not done so the 2nd time because I want to make sure you don’t need any diagnostic information that could? get lost if I stop Roon and restart it.

Help to avoid this problem moving foward would be appreciated.