Roon constantly backing up files to Dropbox

I noticed that Roon backup files are being added to DropBox throughout the day, everyday. They average about 2.02 MB each with names like 2c, c8, d4,e7…
I get a notice on my desktop whenever a file is added to Dropbox. I set up Roon to use DropBox for my backups as suggested in the Roon defaults - every 4 days at 2:00 AM.
Ethernet>Roon Rock>Kii Three. Windows PC for Roon control.
Is this constant backup normal even when Roon not being used?

Hi @Frank_Palm ----- Thank you for the PM. We typically handle any support related question on the support thread on community this way other users have access to any tips or advice being shard, should it prove to be useful to them as well. Would you mind if I made this PM a public topic and we can continue from there?

Furthermore, I see you have provided me with some details about the your “Roon backup” settings, thank you! Can you also verify what you have “number of backups to keep” set to?



Sorry for using PM instead of the support thread. Please move it to the appropriate area.
Yes, I have what looks like 2 back-up folders. Also, since I am fairly new I do not have a large database so if something should happen I can start over.

Thanks…Frank Palm

Number of backups to keep is set on - 10
I have two backup locations - DropBox and an ext drive connected to Rock. Both locations have the same two backups in them.

Hi @Frank_Palm ----- Thank you for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience.

Moving forward, my theory based on your report is that you’re getting notification as your backups are synced back to your laptop. Dropbox should be syncing it’s contents to your computer (as expected) but minus the Roon backups, unless you have a good reason for wanting those synced back to the mentioned PC. If not, I would recommend adjusting your “selective sync” settings as seen here:

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