Roon Constantly Crashes on iMac--Using Up 100+% of CPU

(Patrick Priemer) #1

Just started trying out Roon free trial. Core Machine is a late 2017 iMac Pro running macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W
32 GB 2666 Mhz DDR4

Using the iMac as the Core for right now. I imported a few albums from my external drive as a test run and they played smoothly. Shortly after, the application crashed without warning. After re-opening, it crashed after 15 seconds. Subsequent attempts appear to crash the application without warning after 10-30 seconds, with more frequently occurring crashes occurring on the shorter end. I can barely have it open long enough to get a screenshot. I have attempted restarting my computer, which does not appear to help. I have also re-installed Roon to no avail. I appear to be on the latest version as well.

(Noris) #3

Hi @Patrick_Priemer,

Welcome to the community. Can I please ask you to manually send me the log files from your Core by using these instructions? The best way to get them over to me would be via a Dropbox / Google Drive / link.

Also, can you let me know what kind of external drive you are using? What is the model/manufacturer?

(Patrick Priemer) #4

Thank you, I will provide that when I get home from work. After reporting this initial issue, I tried importing my full library, which seemed to respond better than before. The drive(s) I am using are x4 WD Reds, 10TB’s apiece, model # WD101KFBX. They are housed in an OWC Thunderbay 4 enclosure, using a RAID 1+0 setup.

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(Patrick Priemer) #5

I’ve been using it for about an hour now pretty heavily and I have not seen any crashing. Hoping it was just due to the initial scan of my 50,000+ track library. I will report back if it occurs again in the near future. I appreciate the help!

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(JohnV) #6

The first “little while” of your Roon experience is likely to be CPU intensive. I too had an initial stumble followed by consistent performance. Hang in there.

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