Roon constantly crashes

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 22H2, Core i7 10850H, 16GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not relevant. Core only.

Connected Audio Devices

Centrance USB DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

~70,000. But started a new install just to make sure current DB is at fault, and it crashed after a few minutes.

Description of Issue

Started a new installation to be on the safe side. Downloaded from the site, set up the accounts and the library, Roon started scanning. After a few minutes it crashed.


Anyone? support?

Hi @maoravni,

I’m sorry you’ve had some issues with crashing but I’m here to help!

Can you please provide some more information?

  1. Networking gear and setup: How is your Windows 11 machine connected to your network and what are you using for your modem and router?

  2. When you say Roon is constantly crashing, what exactly are you seeing? The logging didn’t reveal anything for us, unfortunately.

  3. What is the make/model of your video card.

One thing I did notice is that your devices have several different IP’s and IP schemes. From my experience, when I see what I see for your internal IP’s, it means you have an Xfinity Gateway modem/router combo (10.x.x.x) as well as your own router (192.168.x.x)

Please clarify these things for me if you would. I’ll be monitoring for your responses.


I was running core only. I’ve since switched to server + controller. I’ll be watching for crashes.

Could it be the core crashed silently, and no traces of it are found in the log?

Regarding the network: I’m connected to Wifi, but I have a virtual switch of a VM and Tailscale VPN installed. That’s why you see several IP addresses.



It’s possible it crashed silently but it’s also possible that it could be related to your custom VM/VPN setup or even video drivers in some cases.

Please do let me know if the crashing happens again. I can pull logs again and see if there are any further insights.


I’ve since changed my config to run a local server and a remote. This solved all crashes.

That’s great news, @maoravni!

Can you give me a hint as to what changed?


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