Roon constantly drops the connection

OK. I’ve got a USB plugged into the NUC,.All other drives are disconnected,

As far as I know, I have the software on the drive. On a Mac, this stiff isn’t hard. But I can’t figure out how to access any software controls on the NUC Is there a power switch other than the front penal?

I don’t know. Never actually seen one. But why not use the front panel switch?

@Bill_Janssen No reaon, just familiarity.

Please relaize, though I’ve done this before on a former mac, it’s a long time ago, I didn’t much know what I was doing and can only vaguely recall anything. I know I was coached through it but can’t remember who did the coaching.


BTW, another possible symptom: since this started, Qobuz has been less then useless. Though I’m apparently logged in under “settings”, I’m not. And I can’t reset my password. Every time I do it (I’m running out!) their password-changing page insists that my new password doesn’t work.

I’m giving up for now. No music. Nohting works as it aoparently should.

Dan, perhaps @support can be of more help to you. Though of course the 2.0 release is probably fully occupying their attention right now.

@Bill_Janssen Thanks. I thought I was already in conversation with them.

@Bill Janssen @metadata_support

I wonder if it could be a problem of what channel of wifi I’m on. I have no idea what channel I’m on but it’s possible that the NUC is wired to another channel from the one my Mac connects to.

Or how about network security? Like Avast?

Hi @Dan_Schwartz,

There’s a chance the memory test may be a red herring. More recent diagnostics might have helped pinpoint another potential source of the networking issue. There are several traces of unrelated network failures associated with your account indicative of the following:

  1. DNS. There appear to be dropouts associated with IP address assignment and DNS, possibly because you appear to have designated your Core’s IP address as the DNS server. Depending on what DNS server your router is using, there may be some DNS issues on the network. We have seen users have a better experience in the past if they change their Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.
  1. Firmware or security. There are status codes suggestion requests from your Core to the internet are being rejected upstream. Please verify if you have any firewalls engaged on your router or your Core device, as well as any VPNs or enterprise-grade security.

Thank you once again for your patience, and thank you @Bill_Janssen for stepping up beyond the call of duty during my prolonged and undue absence here. We’ve assigned this thread to notify us immediately upon response.

Wish I could have helped more effectively!

As far as I know I don’t have a Firewall set up on my Core. If I do I have no idea how it got there.
Likewise with the DNS. If the ASUS did it alone I can’t say,. But this started last November and I have to wonder, what changed?