Roon Constantly Looking for Roon Core

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC Frost Canyon i7 Mini PC (Tall) BXNUC10I7FNHJA1 16gb Ram 1TB HDD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Prosafe Switch
Synology 1618 NAS 60TB

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream Dac

Number of Tracks in Library

661,096 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon constantly searching for Roon Core. After reseting ROCK it sees it and starts loading. It then loses connection and I am back to square one.

What client is looking for the core

ROON on my Mac and ROON on my iPad

Hi @Jeffrey_Mandel,

Have you been able to successfully install the latest build on Roon, 911, on your ROCK? If so has it helped your issue?

Are you being prompted to find a new Core on either of your remotes? Some customers see this because a new dynamic IP gets assigned after an update. If so press ‘find new Core’ and let us know if you’re able to connect. Thanks!

I installed 911. I still cannot listen to my music. Can some one actually help me resolve the issue???

Hi @Jeffrey_Mandel,

Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems here. I have a few questions for you:

Is your model ProSafe switch managed? Where does it enter your network equation? Is your ROCK connected to it?

Have you installed the remote update as well? Are your remotes still unable to find your Core? Please let us know, we’ll be watching for your reply.

Yes my ROCK is connected to the switch. The switch supples internet to the whole house.

The ROCK is Version 1.8 (build 911) stable. It restarts constantly. It connects to the NAS and then loses it.

It did it again this morning. ROON now is stuck with that pulsating speaker on a white screen. I have not bee able to listen to my music in over a month.

I just reset the Database & Settings. I could then connect to the core.

Hey @Jeffrey_Mandel! Thank you for the update, I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

What makes you think its working???
I sent you the screen shot showing that it found the core. It starts to load and then loses the core. I am totally fed up!!

Can I get a refund or some real help??

I’d have read that as solved as well.

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If they read everything they should realize that it Kees losing the connection.

When you get the “Choose your core image” and lost connection to the NUC, a couple of things to try.

  1. Can you bring up the Web UI of the ROCK NUC on the MAC?
  2. Plug a monitor and keyboard into the NUC and see what the Core is showing you.

It sounds like the Core is falling off the network for some reason. 1 & 2 can provide clues.

I can see it on my Mac. I have the NUC connected to a screen. It shows everything is ok

Does that mean it shows you an IP address. If so, then you should be able to open the ROCK Web UI with it. Can you?

You are correct. I can actually see it. The IP address is I can reset it, restart it, reset the database etc. when I reset a database, Roon can once again find the Core.

Once it starts loading in the music, I can play my music.

Unfortunately, at some point it stops loading and Roon is looking for the Core again. I then have to start the process all over again.

When can I get some help?

Try enabling or checking if IGMP snooping is enabled on your switch, cores disappearing can happen when the multicast group expires.