Roon constantly searching for Core connects drops after 2 seconds

Roon Core Machine

NUC I5-4570TE 2.70 GHz
16 GB DDR3 1666 mhz ram
248GB SSD database drive
2TB SSD music storage

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Linksys EA9500 router cat5 to NUC
Bryston BDP2 cat5 to router
Bryston BDP1 cat5 to router

Connected Audio Devices

BDP2 cat5 to router
BDP1 cat5 to router

Number of Tracks in Library

11000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon ran perfect for a week but after storm 2 nights ago I get waiting for Roon core then oops something’s not right
Select a different core and it starts over. Occasionally it will connect for 2 seconds then back to waiting for roon core.

Are you running ROCK or windows or Linux os? If rock can you access the web gui?

I should have mentioned
Roon Optimized Core Kit
Roon OS 1.0(build227)stable,,version 1.8(build 988)stable
When I type the IP address I get this sight cannot be reached

Roon eventually comes up when I enter the IP address everything states OK

Reinstall and maybe if you have a backup try as a last resort to do a reset then restore.

Both options available in the web gui

When i woke up this morning i relaunched the roon app and it connected perfectly my end points and Chromecast items all reappeared. Everything appears normal. I had been waiting overnight for more comments but the system has started working today. Not sure if it was a problem with my network or roon but it is working.
Regards MC

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