Roon constantly stops streaming due to Tidal login failure

Roon Core Machine

Innuos ZENith MKIII 1TB, with Roon core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Main Router at home from the suplier of web services, tv, telephone is a FiberGateway GR241AG/ altice labs. Then I have an AMPLIFI that is feeding the Innuos, connected with an ethernet cable to the main router.

Connected Audio Devices

Innuos ZENith MK III to a Kii Three system (active speakers) via USB cable controlled via an iPad (7th generation)

Number of Tracks in Library

Size of library 10.756 tracks

Description of Issue

Several times a day, when I’m using Roon linked to my Tidal account, the streaming simply stops with the following message: “Tidal login failed”.

After that I need to switch off the Roon App in the iPad, and switch on again, and the music continues in the same track. When using tidal directly this not happens. This extremely annoying!

I would try logging out of all instances of Tidal on all your devices, removing the Tidal service from Roon, adding it again, and logging back in.

Dear Graeme,
Thank you for the valuable information and suggestion. So far it’s working perfectly with no interruptions.
All the best

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