Roon continually disconnects from Rock on NUC

So I built and installed a NUC and transferred my Core to it and it worked great for about 3 hours. After that it suddenly would connect and seconds later disconnect. I have the current updates, I reinstalled everything including rebuilding the database and rebooting everything. Still no luck. Help I love my Roon!!!

Did you follow the setup instructions especially the BIOS adjustments?

Yes and it worked great for hours then just suddenly disconnected and reconnected for 5-6 seconds and the it would continue cycling that way. What would cause it to do that? Some kind of software glitch? do these help?


How big is your music library and what spec is your nuc?

Is it getting warm or even hot?

If you get to the web page and can stop the Roon software see if the web interface says up.

If you can see under library in settings if you are still analyzing audio too.