Roon continues to show an update available after installing 1.8 (Build 1021)

Core: Synology NAS DS218+
Client: Mac mini (M1, 2020). MacOS 12.5. 8 GB RAM

I installed the latest update, v1.8 (Build 1021) 19 days ago. Whenever I close and reopen Room on my Mac desktop I am greeted with the update dialog box which prompts to update to the same build I have already installed. It does this each and every time I reopen Roon. Is there a setting I can adjust to stop this behaviors?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @David_Albers,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with Roon wanting to update when you’re currently on the latest build.

If possible, are you able to provide a screenshot of this issue? And a few preliminary steps to take: have you given your router/network, core, and devices a hard reboot?

With that, doing a fresh install on your Mac desktop (as a remote) may also do the trick.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Thank you for the reply to offer assistance. My core is always running on a Synology NAS DS218+. I had assumed that previous updates were keeping it up-to-date. Each update prior to Build 1021 has worked flawlessly.

Screenshot #1 is the Home Screen with the dialog box that always comes up whether I am using my iPad or Mac mini. I am assuming I am getting this because in Screenshot # 2, you can see the message,

“And update is waiting relaunch.
Click here to relaunch”

I have clicked to relaunch each time. The core comes backup and the update dialog box reappears every time.

I have hard reset my router, hard reset my NAS, stopped and restarted the core. Still no resolution.

I hope the additional detail helps.
Thanks again for the offer to help,
-David Albers

I really dug in this morning trying to find a solution. I have narrowed it down to my core.
In Settings > About I am consistently getting the Click here to relaunch message. I have relaunched numerous time, to no avail. I attempted to reinstall the core on my NAS. Had no appreciable affect.

Is Roon 1.8 (build 988) for Synology NAS the latest update?

-David Albers

Hey @David_Albers,

Thanks for the info. In this case, it looks like your NAS is due for an update (Build 1021.) Let’s figure out why your core isn’t properly updating! Here are next steps for you:

  1. Check the current firmware update on your Core: Control Panel > System > Firmware update > Live Update, the QTS should pop up the prompt “Firmware Update” or “There is no new firmware version”.

  2. Try changing your DNS setting to or

  3. Check the system time on your NAS - Potential Incorrect system time : Enable NTP in Time setting. You can configure this setting on your NAS in Control Panel > System > General Settings > Time.

  4. Lastly, Can you still access the Roon webpanel in your qnap admistration? If so, browse to advanced and click the “Reinstall” button on the right side of the window. This should re-download the latest available RoonServer.

Let me know if any of the above help :pray:

Thank you Ben for the prompt response.

  1. As you can see from the screen shot, I have no option to update the firmware. Control Panel > System > Firmware Update is not an option.
  2. I will change the DNS and test.
  3. The time and date are currently accurate.
  4. I am using a Synology NAS, not Qnap. I had downloaded the latest Roon core for Synology. I tried reinstalling but my NAS is giving me an error message. It doesn’t like that app file apparently.
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Hello Benjamin-

I have made some progress. Initially I was trying to install Roon Core for DSM 6. I needed DSM 7. I found the correct apk file and installed. Roon > Settings > About reports I am now running (Build 1021).

I am all good to go. Problem solved.
Thank you very much for the assistance. Greatly appreciated.

Tell your boss you get the rest of the day off!

-David Albers

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Glad to hear it @David_Albers! Happy to hear things are functioning properly for you.

If any other issues pop up, please be sure to tag me on a new thread so it will receive proper attention :+1:

All the best,

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