Roon continuously searches for an endpoint that has been replaced

Core: 1.7 Build 667 Stable 64 bit running on an Alienware desktop, Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Bridge is a Raspberry Pi connected via wired ehternet, the Pi is running Ropieee version 1.7 build 571 stable. The bridge is connected to a Topping D90 DAC via USB.

I was using a Squeezebox Touch as my endpoint. But I replaced that with a Pi running Ropieee.

But the Core stil appears to be continuoulsy searching for the Squeezebox Touch.

Everything is working fine, but is there a way I can tell the Core that the Touch is not there anymore and to stop searching?

Are you talking about the endpoints displayed in Settings > Audio?

I think this is harmless because it only shows up when you bring up the settings. If you are no longer using any squeezeboxes, you can turn off squeezebox support under Settings > Setup.

Roon will then stop searching for squeezeboxes.

Thanks! That hadn’t occurred to me. Now it’s no longer searching for the Squeezebox.

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