Roon control only for PC

Hello, I am new to Roon and have a question. Having come from Audivarna, Tidal and Qobuz world I enjoy controlling mucis from a PC. I install the roon on an i7 with 32GB RAM, NVME SSD with the sole pupose of controlling a ROCK device. I keep getting core not found errors over WIFI. Question: When will you develop a control only app for Windows PC?

Thanks you,


Dear Jeff
What you are adking for is the basic setup of most Roon systrms in the field. This is really most standard.
Apparrently your Roon Remote on your PC is not able to connect to your Roon server.
You better open a support topic in the suppott section

If you installed the full Roon package, and not just Roon Server, on your PC and your PC and the ROCK machine are on the same network, then you should be able to control Roon from your PC.

That is how Roon and ROCK are designed to work.

This is what I do all the time. Check your firewall is not blocking any of Roons communication and traffic. Issues of this nature are generally firewall or network configuration, where your router may be blocking multicast communications. Roon relies on multicast communications for discovery of devices. Are the pc and Rock on the same network subnet? Are you using wireless on the pc? I take it you can connect to your ROCK device via it’s webui from the PC?

Roon software can be control only. If during installation of Roon you point it to an existing server on the network the installation does not load the server core portion and becomes a control client.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I installed the entire package (core, control and output) on my desktop (general use PC) and it connects to my dedicated ROCK box sometimes. More often that not it can’t find it and is very inconsistent when it does.

Control works great from my phone and IPAD. If have an i7, 8 core, 32 GB RAM, 1B MVME SSD drive as my (general use) desktop. Roon core is a NUC i3, 8GB RAM, 256 MVME SSD. My primary roon bridge is a Celeron fanless NUC, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Chord Qutest. Everything is working great and I am very impressed with the application features.

Not that it matters for this discussion, but I come out of the Roon bridge into Chord Qutest and can upsample to anything I desire, then to a MicroZOTL MZ3 - Line Magneti 219ia and out to Klipsch Cornwalls. The Roon solution and upsampling has improved my listening experience dramatically. The difference in sound stage and instrument separation is extraordinary.

I will try and reinstall Roon on my workstation as control only. Putting this thing together was a bit overwhelming, but I like it much better than the Bluesound and Audivarna setups I have used prior to setting up Roon.

Thanks for all the advice, I’ll let you guys know when it’s working properly,