Roon Control Software Sleep Issue on iPad and iPhone (ref#OMWJUA)

What’s happening?

· Something else

How can we help?

· I am experiencing freezes or crashes

Describe the issue

Hello, Roon control software goes to sleep after it is no longer used with Ipad 12.9, and iphone 13, you need to close it manually. Or it freezes and then after 30 seconds it closes on its own.

Describe your network setup

Roon nucleo su Mini PC Windows11, Ipad 12.9 2021, Iphone 13, NAS Synology

Hi @guimx,

Are you able to share an approximate timestamp of when this occurred? Please log into Roon on either your iPhone or iPad at some point in the next few days to enable an automatic diagnostic report that will include the freezing event.

Our team will follow up from there. Thanks!