Roon control tablet (Roon hardware)

Ah! Yes, the Fire, being Amazon, which is at war with Google, is slightly different. To get developer mode, you have to open the settings, then “Device Options”, then scroll down to “Serial Number”, and (I’m not kidding here) tap 7 times on the serial number. At the sixth tap, you’ll see a message like, “you’re one tap away from enabling developer mode”, and the seventh tap will add the “Developer Options” menu item just below “Serial Number”.

Thanks @Bill_Janssen.

I cracked it and have it running.

Much better than the 7, but I’m thinking maybe still too small. We shall see how ‘she who must be obeyed’ likes it.

Appreciate your help.



Yes, it is a bit tiny. The 10" would presumably be bigger. :slight_smile: The odd thing is, in “Albums” view, I see 10 albums, but on my 10.5" iPad, I see only 8. The Roon remote software seems to be making this determination.

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as long as it is no iPad two

All done! The Fire8 setup is OK, but you do need enough confidence to be able to play with treminal and a bit of digging is necessary to find the appropriate equivalent hacks and ways in to the OS of choice (both on the tablet, and on your notebook).

Works, lets see what Ms Jody has to say…

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Ive decided I’m going to buy an iPad in the end. The iPad 32GB (6th gen) and just use it for roon alone. Does anyone have any screenshots of it in landscape? I would love to see the album view.

My IPad Pro

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Looks good. I just ordered an iPad 6th gen as its cheap an has plenty cpu grunt for its price. Its sole purpose is to be a roon remote.

32Gb iPad 6th gen is 320 UKP - much cheaper than Samsung galaxy etc. Just bought one for my aging mum and tempted to get another for myself now :slight_smile:

For Roon all that matters is a decent screen and enough cpu power. A premium build is a nice plus. Plus at its price I wont care as much if I drop it after one too many.

Get a cheap tablet and ONLY put Roon on it. That is what I am doing

With my iPad Pro, I do Roon and pretty much everything else on it with no problems. Suits me sir…

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Thanks to this foolproof instruction, I now have a great coffeetable Roon Remote!

I usually use my iPad, but always thought an always on display showing and controlling Roon would be cool. Since I had a Fire HD 8 laying around unused, I tried the instructions. The result is great, thanks!

Now I will get a dock and all is set.

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Stuff it. Placing my order for a 2018 12.9 inch iPad pro. This is going to sting.

I echo your concern. I am planning to get an iPod Touch for the purpose and strip it of all software other than Roon. Waiting for the new Touch to be released.

That sounds like a great idea.

BTW, I was at Costco today and saw a Samsung Galaxy A for $ 139. I impulse bought it for the purpose we are just debating. I’ll get back by the weekend with my impressions on how well it plays.

I bought the new 11”, thought that was all I need.
But then I held the big one and was impressed.
It adds less weight than size and wow factor, so it actually seems lighter.

Just get an iPad (or iPad Pro if you want fancier), install Roon, delete all unnecessary apps, turn off notifications, turn on “guided access”. Done. No need for any expensive custom hardware!

I use a 9.7 inch iPad. I use a bunch of other apps on it. Whenever I use Roon on it, I turn on guided access (triple click home button). No notifications, so no distractions! It becomes a dedicated Roon remote. When done with listening, I exit guided access (TouchID) and it becomes a “regular” iPad.