Roon Control works with one Windows user, not others

I have searched for a few days and cannot solve this problem.
Roon server is installed in Windows 10 Pro environment, on User A.

A control is also installed on User A. That’s all great, the Roon server works and serves up music to a microRendu system which feeds a larger stereo system, as well as the Roon control for User A via optical output to a dinky Fosi audio DAC-Q4. It all works.

There are also User B and User C. They have each have Roon controls. In the controls you see the correct core, the history, everything. You just can’t play music.

I’ve turned off the firewall, checked file sharing, reinstalled drivers, had a beer etc. I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled the controls but nada.

The only obvious clue I have is that Raat server shows up as a volume controlled device in the working unit’s (User A) volume mixer but not in the other two.

When I installed User B and C Roon controls I selected the core I had installed on User A.

That’s it.

Any ideas?

Here’s a suggestion, I don’t know if it’s a solution: install Roon Core separately with administrator rights, then one Roon Remote (without Roon Core) for each user A, B, C.

Thanks for your effort but… done it- no dice.

So I guess, that’s that. Roon on one PC will work for one user on that PC, period. If that’s true perhaps someone who actually knows something (not me) could confirm that.

No this is not true. I have two PCs other than my core that I can play music to from any other remote. Something is not right in the way things are setup yet. Your post really should be in support. Let’s get @support involved.

In the meantime if you can post a screenshot of what you see in settings audio someone may be able to help.

A couple of other basic things that are worth checking if you have not done so already. Are the remotes open and running on the other PCs when you try to play to them. Have you tried running Roon Bridge on those PCs? One or the other needs to be running to make them into a device Roon can play to. Can you can see the other PCs in settings audio and if so are one of the audio devices enabled?

I’m talking about one PC with 3 users. I thought User A, User B, and User C would have made that evident.

For instance I have 1 PC. That 1 PC has three users. User A can play music on Roon. User B cannot play music on Roon and niether can User C.

I’ve moved your posts to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

Hi @Mitchell_Phipps

Can you elaborate on how you’re switching between these users in Windows?

I’d like to have our team take a look at the logs from your Core and remote setups on this machine — Would you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)?

We’ll want to see logs from RoonServer and Roon from each of the users in Windows.


I have 1 PC. That 1 PC has three users. User A can play music on Roon. User B cannot play music on Roon and niether can User C.

Roon installed under user appdata local. As long as the installation is not a server, then, I copied the Roon folder from one profile to the other. It played just fine.

I copied the working profile over to the other profile.

Link to Log files