Roon Controling Meridian Equipment

Due to the Sooloos development has been freeze. The meridian customer would like to seek something that has future proof. So, they are looking at roon now. However, they would like roon to control over Meridian hardware, like what sooloos does.

So, Is it possible that roon can control the meridian equipment selector? it would be great if they can use roon to control them.

I use Roon with Meridian with no issues. 218/DSP SEs also MS200s. The only issue is you cannot group zones with non Meridian RAAT equipment.
To overcome this, I have a spare MS 200 feeding the Bluesound Pulse in my kitchen so I can sync those zones. Further sync via BluOS works fine.

We’ve always used Roon to control all current Meridian products, it works fine with the UltraDAC and offers a much more stable platform.