ROON Controller is having problems [Solved: Update to Build 970]

Using Nucleus connected to external HD. Whenever I click on an album Roon gets stuck on “loading album” controller then freezes. Music plays but the timer is stopped and nothing moving on track progress .No response when i try and pause the music. If I close the controller and reopen things fine until I again try and click on an album.
Everything really slow to populate. When I click on the Artists many of the Squares are blank for a minute or 2.
Have rebooted nucleus. Seems to have started after last update but not positive.
No changes made from when things working fine


To get support, you should post in #support and provide the information requested in this post.

Ill do that
But lets be honest
Its doubtful it will get much attention much less get fixed
But of course…one has to try
Thanks again

To be frank, the problem is more likely your setup rather than an issue with Roon. I and community members are happy to help, but need to understand how you’ve set up things.

I have the same problem. Restarting the Mac app fixes it, but that’s twice since the new version came out.

If anytime else says yay, I’ll start a support ticket

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The first thing I always do is to reboot the server and the remotes. Turn off remotes. Reboot server. When server is back up. Reboot remote machine/device.

Well Martin
As long as we are being “Frank” this just started happening after being fine for months (perhaps this goes to my setup being fine?)In the end my setup is a basic Roon setup recommended by Roon
My low confidence of the current support model actually being able to adress such issues is borne from issues continuing for months, direct questions to Roon experts going ignored etc.I wish my past experience was different…but its not

But since you have asked:
Roon Nucleus + with recent RAM upgrade *done on Roons advice

Roon nuclues wired to an English Electric switch that is connected to an eero Router.

Nucleus connected via USB to external Hard Drive that contains 16 bit and 24 bit FLAC files.

Roon controller via IMAC desktop via WIFI.

The new contoller issue happens all the time and is rectified by closing and reopening the App.

Just another example:
Clicked on album<left for 30 min…when I returned the album had been accessed.
I went in to edit artist and when i clicked “save” its stuck and wont complete the save.

When i went back to the artists page all the albums are greyed out and only 5 greyed out albums are displayed instead of the 1000’s I have.

Music does not play when play pressed

When i close and reopen im able to play music.

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Thanks Daniel
Can always count on you
I shall try that
Thank you

Thanks Ian
I also think this started with the last upgrade


I have the exact same issue since last upgrade and also have a nucleus as core. Only happens on the Mac remote, works fine on iPhone

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Did some checking with my girlfriend in case she had a problem too. It’s only Mac app, iPhone, iPad and Android apps are fine.

I’ll reboot later just in case it’s my core on ROCK at fault.

Things definitely quicker after server reboot etc but original problem still exists

I’ve moved this to Support, which may require the standard information on your system and network.

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Roon Core Machine

ROCK on Intel Nuc i7 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Smarthub wired direct to ROCK

Connected Audio Devices

2 x Nest Audio pairs
1 x Google Home Max pair
2 x Google Hole Mini
3 x RPi 4 running Roon bridge on Dietpi via USB to DACs
1 x Apple TV

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After an indeterminate period of time the macOS app freezes during playback and stops showing track playing timeline.
Pressing play/pause does not work
Restarting the app fixes it.
All other remotes work fine.

Same thing here. Shutting down roon on Mac and restarting will get things going again, kinda awkward though.

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I feel like the Mac app is waiting and timing out on requests to the core (pure speculation of course), the squares waiting for images to load, the spinning Roon logo waiting for valence/recommendations to load, these all suggest a blocked connection.

When I press play to resume playback, it doesn’t work, but when I close Roon before restarting, the play request is received. As if during shutdown the blocking call is closed and the play request is made just before it’s all shutdown.

Anyway, this is frustrating as I need to play/pause a lot during the working day as calls come in, which this is disrupting. I’ll see if I can handle using the phone for the day until this is fixed.

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Hey @thomas_clark1, @Ian_Pilborough

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having these problems. We’ve aware of the issue and are investigating the cause. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work on this.

Thomas, I’ve reviewed your support history and see that you’ve experienced some issues in the past. I don’t see any support requests that have been ignored, however. It seems that your initial post here was made in a category other than #support and moved here later. That can definitely cause a delay in our seeing it. Taking that into account, your wait hasn’t been extreme - certinaly not weeks and months as you stated.

We understand your frustration but want to mention that a couple of your posts here were flagged by your fellow forum members for being off-topic or violating forum guidelines. Let’s stay focused on the issue if we can. Decrying that support could care less, while we’re actively investigating logs for each customer who’s reporting this problem in this thread, is unhelpful and undermines our effort to remedy this issue.


Hi @thomas_clark1, @Ian_Pilborough, @Jens_Lagerqvist, @Anders_Annerstedt:

Thank you for reaching out to let us know about the issue. As @jamie mentioned, tech support has been investigating the issue and the Roon team is working diligently on a systemic solution.

In the meantime, we’ve adjusted a setting on your Core machines which may improve this behavior as a temporary workaround. Please take the following steps to activate the changes for your setups:

  1. Restart both Roon and RoonServer on your Core machine twice.
  2. Restart the Mac Remote with the error
  3. Also restart any additional Remote devices (even non-Apple devices) to avoid glitches

Please note: you must fully restart your Core machine two times in order to implement the account change. The first restart downloads the settings change from Roon’s servers. The second restart applies the settings change to your device.

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Thanks for this
Will try

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@Connor Thanks, just implemented this and I’m now playing music.