Roon controller lagging on graphics and responsiveness

I am running Roon Controller on a Dell Laptop i5 with 8 GB Ram. It was upgraded from Windows 7 to 10.

For some reason, every other Roon release, causes me problems. There becomes a severe lag in rendering the Album images and the overall responsiveness of the software. On the next release it will work flawlessly. I have installed Roon on my iPhone 5S and another Dell Desktop, both of which work perfectly and never seem to fail.

Unfortunately for me I use the Laptop during listening more than the other two devises. I have tried going to Task Manager and raising the priority on Roon to High from Normal. The software boots faster but the lag still persists.

Any ideas?


Thanks for reaching out, @chad_lesko!

To start, can you give some more details about the machine you’re using? What kind of GPU does it use. Did this happen before the upgrade to Windows 10?

Have you tried installing the 32 bit version of Roon instead of 64 bit? If so is there any difference?

Is there any firewall or antivirus on this machine?


Dylan, one thing I’ve wondered. Does the speed of the core make any difference to the rendering speed of the control device, amount of information or graphics sent across?

There is a long standing issue with Intel graphics drivers and OpenGL which causes exactly the symptoms you are describing. Especially the alternating behaviour you describe with windows updates.

The solution is to install 32bit roon on your remotes if they are using certain intel 3500 and 4500 series graphics chips. I have exactly this problem and that solved it. This has worked for many others.

It is also possible to run a 64bit core and a 32bit remote on the same machine. But that will only be necessary if your library is above 110k plus tracks or so. You will know this will be necessary because you will see a lot of library corruptions in the roon logs which may be interpreted wrongly as failing hardware.

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Thanks Everyone

Installing 32 Bit Remote has resolved the issue. I will need a few months to go by for 100% confidence, but it is resolved for now. I also gave the software higher priority via Task Manager and that has helped with speed (which was livable prior).

Great Community Here

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