Roon controller with multiple users


I am fairly new to Roon and in trial phase.
I now started to test the usability for more than one user.

Something I noted, is that there is nothing like users in Roon. What you can do is create profiles with the intension to use these for certain users or occasions (use cases). Anyone using your Roon can use any profile and the tags and playlists associated to that profile. I can live with that but would be uncomfortable if I had kids using Roon at home. Is there any intention to change that?

I also noted that all Roon control users can update/delete playlists (for them, not on the server) but could also change any setting on the server. This is no big problem if I am the only user, but updating the settings is not acceptable if there are more users. I would even feel more comfortable if I personally could switch between an administrative and a playing modus (with password) as I also make mistakes from time to time.
Such a feature (no matter how you implement it) is a prerequisite for using Roon in my household.

Best regards