Roon converting DSD to PCM [Answered]

I have just purchased a PS Audio DSjr and Roon so I can use it but Roon is converting DSF DSD 128 to 705.6 PCM, why?

How do I get Roon not to change or downgrade file form DSD to PCM. One of the reasons I got PS Audio was DSD.

Is there setting in Roon so it will leave DSD in DSD format.

Thanks Paul

You need to go into the audio settings and tell it that your DAC supports DSD. Click the little gears to the right of your DAC in the audio setup and go to playback settings.

This KB page sets out what the various Device Settings do. To change to DoP or native DSD you have to change the default DSD strategy, which converts DSD to PCM.

thanks for reply- ps audio dsjr does not surpport dsd 128 , only dsd 64. this is the reason that roon converts to pcm.
roon has no drama playing dsd 64.
so not roon’s fault . i am loving roon so far.