Roon core 1.6 on Exasound Playpoint PP1 not working

In case anyone is wondering about the progress, this has happened since last update:
As soon as George started talking about firmwares I realized I was using an old release (13) and upgraded the playpoint to latest available release, 18. It didn’t solve the backup problem but stability improved significantly. I would still get hangings that needed power cycle to recover, but mostly it was running for hours with the full library enabled. After a while it was stable for days straight but seems to be disturbed by addition of just a handful of albums to the library.
Edit; minor language mistakes

Should have given an update earlier if anyone else still has the same issues - sorry about that. In the end I have moved away from having the Roon Core on the Playpoint. It seems I have a too large music collection for it to work smoothly. But in respect of their efforts, release 19 did make it possible to backup my Roon database (to USB memory) which I hadn’t managed to do before so I didn’t lose any of the curations I’ve done.
I see there are later FW versions now, but I have not tried to move Roon Core back - it’s possible that my problem is solved in a later release. An old mac mini now has core duty as well as interfacing my high end 2ch DAC while play point now is only used as my multichannel DAC interface.
I’ll mark the issue as resolved since my problem is gone through a remedy although I don’t know for sure if it resolved or not in later FW.

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