ROON CORE after change from iMAC to Nucleus plus

I splurged in nucleus plus , internal SSD , and ROON subscription. I had previous tried free trial ROON on my iMAC
I have iMAC in my home office (WiFi) on which I first installed ROON awhile ago to play around for free.

I have LUMIN U1 connected USB to DV2 DAC
My LUMIN U1 was set as decoder and renderer. My EMM labs DV2 also unfolds MQA.
MY DV2 runs into Momentum Pre AMP
My nucleus plus is only connected to 1GB ETHERNET
I also have LUMIN L1 server acting as HDD connected to Nucleus.

I attempted to change CORE to Nucleus plus.
I believe I succeeded but not certain that I have any CORE.
How can I know I succeeded?
Why does Audio menu state that devices connected to ROON core :HDMI A,B ?
I have no HDMI cables in system.
Do I enable HDMI?
I am struggling to understand some of these menus so that I can feel comfortable with my set up being the highest quality audio choices!

Turn off the Mac, leave the Nucleus on. Can you access Roon thru a Remote?
Can you access the Nucleus thru its Web interface?

Also Settings==>General

You do not need to enable any HDMI zones in the “Connected to Core” section of the Settings - Audio display if you’re not using any HDMI connections.

Thank you for the clarification !!

So yes, with my iMAC OFF, I can access ROON with Remote App via iPAD and access Nucleus, so I presume that the Nucleus is my CORE.

Thank you!

…I am running the Nucleus through my LUMIN which connects via USB to my DAC for high resolution audio

Seems to be working fine

Now my project is to copy music files to my 2 TB SSD drive within my Nucleus plus

Dean S

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Congratulations on the Nucleus Plus. I have the DYI Nuc/Rock version. Use HDMI, USB and Ethernet connections for zones around the house.


Hi @Dean_Steinberg,

You can find out which Core you are connected to by navigating to Roon Settings -> General.

This is expected behavior, you can use the Nucleus HDMI outputs as an output, they will be visible even if you don’t have an HDMI cable connected.

Did you already add internal storage to the Nucleus? The Nucleus only comes with one SSD which is reserved for the Roon database. If you added an additional SSD and want to add the music files to it, you’ll have to format the new SSD first through the Nucleus Web UI, instructions on how to install internal storage can be found below:

Hope this helps!

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