Roon Core and HDD Bundle

After a fairly long trial of Roon on my Macbook Pro, I’m ready to get a dedicated Roon Core.

When I saw the bundle offer with a Roon Nucleus and free HDD, I was excited at first glance.

However, I realized that it’s an HDD, not an SSD. The site still says there are no moving parts for that bundle, but isn’t an HDD technically a moving part?

Personally, I’m concerned for performance with an HDD, and would rather get a good deal on a smaller SSD versus the 1TB HDD.

Surprised Roon would even consider offering an HDD, given the non-moving parts being a major feature.

Anyone have experience with the HDD version?

Don’t know about the offer, but the HDD option probably refers to an extra internal drive for the music files.

Roon would never put the OS there. That would be against their recommendations. They use an M.2 for the OS.

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As @xxx says, the offer of the HDD is for music storage ONLY.
The OS lives on a SSD.

A lot of people use HDD of varying capacity for music storage here.
I would not worry.

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