Roon core and LMS on same iMac?

Hi, Ive just started a trial of Roon and liking it so far! I have a basic question which I have not been able to answer conclusively by searching the forum and guide…
Is it ok to run the Roon Core and my current LMS server on the same computer (iMac) - they will pointing at the same music folder but will be delivering music to different players (for the first part of the trial I will be setting up one Rpi 3/Hat Dac for the exclusive use of Roon).

Roon has its own LMS service built in…so just use that :stuck_out_tongue:

I found my devices to often chase the server with 2 LMS’s running at the same time and so some units would connect to one and some connect to the other.

I found similar with 1 LMS and 1 Roon.

I have LMS setup and up to date looking at the same music, but turn it off when using Roon.

Using LMS only you can disable LMS support with one little on/off switch in Roon.

Great, thanks for your help. Does that mean I can send music to my LMS players with both the Roon App and iPeng (not at the same time of course!) without further modification? Im just on my way out now so will have a play later.

You just change the my music selection for each device to point to roon or your LMS server.

Roon appears as an LMS server from within the LMS devices,.

Your main problem will be going back to LMS when you have used roon for a while :grinning:

Thank you, I’ll give that a go. I know what you mean about Roon - I’m loving the library features and playback through the pi/Dac I have set up is first rate.

You will likely have problems with the stability of your endpoints using that configuration. I find that they will randomly flip from being attached to Roon over to LMS, for instance.

If you have multiple squeeze players and you want to keep some of them on LMS and some on Roon, then you’ll need to have LMS running on a different IP address within your subnet. This could be on running the servers on different physical boxes, or run one in a VM, using a different IP address.

Thanks Mark, good advice.