Roon Core and Roon Remote Control in different subnet


I have Roon Core, MOON 280D and a NAS in a 192.168.1/24 but my remote controller (iPad) is in a WiFi subnet 192.168.68/24.

Do you think that it will be possible in a future to give to the remote controller directly an IP address instead of letting the iPad searching for a Roon Core (in the same subnet of the iPad … so it finds nothing).

Each time I want to use the Roon Core, I have to change his subnet cause I can’t have two IP addresses on my PC (I know it is possible but I can’t).

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Hi @jlac,

Welcome to the forum.

Only Roon can answer that question, but I suspect the answer will remain something like

no all devices must be on the same subnet.

A question, is it your choice to have your LAN and WLAN on different sub-nets?
I ask as most routers would default these to be on the same sub-net.

And if so why is this, would there be a big disadvantage if you merged them?

Hello, thank you for your answer very much.
I suspect that the answer will remain something like you said :wink: but i tried :wink:
It is not my choice. so i will try to merge them…
thank you a lot