Roon Core and RoonReady all in one box...?

On Innuos’ recent Zenith Audio server, they now offer an option to have both Roon Core and RoonReady potentially on one single server.

Is there any technical drawback or potential issue from a SQ to do this? Does Roon recommend to not use such a set-up?

The Roon architecture of Core, Control and Output components can be distributed or all on the one box. Roon themselves state that the best results in audio quality can be obtained by a distributed setup, but recognise that the convenience and flexibility of a one-box solution are also valued along with sound quality.

If the one-box solution of Innous delivers sufficient SQ to please its customers, then it will have succeeded in balancing convenience and flexibility along with SQ

Just noted that on Antipodes devices the same is possible. Antipodes also claim that the SQ is noticeably superior under the one box scenario in some setups. YMMV.