ROON Core as a ROON Endpoint


Hello all ROON,

I’m using an Apple Macbook Pro (Late 2013) as my ROON Core. Can it be used - at the same time - as a ROON Endpoint as well, does anybody know that? It would be really nice if I could manage to get sound out of my Macbook built-in speakers too :slightly_smiling_face:

With kind regards,

Sjors - the Netherlands

Yes it can. Look in roon , settings, audio and enable sound output.
You may have to set something in the Mac first but I’m not a Mac person.


Or you could’ve just looked it up on Roon’s website, since that sort of info is readily available, see screenshot

You might as well take a peek at their help center while you’re at it – saves a lot of cycling through asking questions and getting users’ responses until you get the info you’re after…


Thank you for the helpful advice :pray: