Roon Core at second residence?

I would like to know how to use Roon while out of home in my second residence.
I use an laptop and a phone.

Shall I install a new core in my laptop or could I get an app for the mobile?
Will I get there my internet library?

Thanks for help

Install the “full blown” Roon software on your laptop to run the Roon core. Copy your music files to a USB SSD.

My 2-home home arrangement is as follows: a fanless server with 16GB DRAM and a 4TB SSD, running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (I guess I could run Windows but I prefer Linux), running RoonServer. I carry it in a Pelikan case between the two homes, plug it in to the respective LAN, and that’s it.

I just have two ROCKs. I don’t back up the second home one ever. About 3-4x/year I bring the external music SSD from my second home back to my primary home and copy over it with my latest “full master”, and when I get back I restore a backup from my home machine to my 2nd home core.

FAQ: Does it keep my listen counters up to date? Nope. Is it simple? Yes. Could I achieve a more subtle version with automated backups and file transfers? Yes. Is that worth it to me? No. Would I love it if Roon had a simple way for me to do this passively, so long as a never was logged into 2 cores simultaneously? Hell yes. Is it fine for now? Yes.

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You and just about everyone else on this forum. A second residence or work setup is a popular request.

Please, could you clarify? What is it that “full blowm” software, is it the standard package ? If I download a new packae for my laptop, can I get it withouth paying again?

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You can have roon installed as many times as you like but can only have one running at any time. You authorise the server instance you want to use.

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