Roon Core Authentification Issue

Roon Optimized Core Kit
Firmware 1 (build 227) Version 1.7 (build 667) stable.

Connected to network/internet by wired ethernet via Ubiquity 24 port POE switch.

I have just replaced my Roon core sitting on Win 10 / NUC (NUC8i7BEH) with a new dedicated NUC/ROCK \oS (NUC5i5MYHE). Everything proceeded satisfactorily until I tried to switch from the old Roon core to the new Roon core. As part of the authentification process, I was asked to deactiviate my current core and activate my new core. I then received an error message “Are you online? Your account needs to be confirmed and then you are all set. Please check your internet connection and try again.” My internet connection is working, the hardwired ethernet connection to both NUC’s are functioning correctly and I did try again, to no avail. I will be most grateful if you can help me to resolve this issue. Thank you.

Can you post a screen shot of the web GUI for the Nuc. Note the DNS settings should be correct for your router.

Very many thanks for your fast response. Every good question points to the right answer; in this case the DNS settings. I changed my dynamic setting to a static setting. In the process I made a single numeral mistake with the DNS server address that caused my problem. I am afraid I am dyslexic and stuff happens!


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