Roon Core badly broken since attempted update to B987 (Linux)

Seems to be in a loop {logo - lost connection - logo}

Setup exactly the same as when Roon broke for me last week.
Loosing patience with this software.

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Perhaps you could cast some light on your network? After all, this is the most likely reason why Roon is having difficulties.

You appear to be using 4G for internet, and this is shared by “a number of people.”

Unfortunately this required a hard reset/power cycle on the router (not popular at this location as it effects a number of people).

It’s a rock steady 4g+ network that causes absolutely no issues with any other software. Shared by the other members of the house running multiple different machines. Used by me for home business operations.
Everything working with no issue - including Roon. I press the update button in Roon. Everything working with no issue except Roon which is now very broken.

Not a network issue.

Well, you’ve put that one to bed, so I won’t trouble you further, and suggest reasons why there could be a network issue affecting Roon.

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Hey @Norm_Hastle,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! While our team is working on a quick fix for this, you’ll need to perform a full re-install. Steps below:

  1. Stop RoonServer
  2. Download and run the linux Easy Installer (as documented here:
  3. When prompted, select the option to remove / over write the RoonServer directory.

This process will have no impact on your database or settings.

Let me know if your issue persists after the above :+1:

The core has now auto-updated to the Build 988 hotfix and is now stable and operational.
Thanks for the quick response on this issue.

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