Roon Core Build 952 on W10 not connecting with Windows 7 client

Roon Core Machine Windows 10 build 952

I use one client with Windows 7 and since 952 it is unable to load from my Roon server which runs on a Windows 10 machine. All other IOS and windows/macs connect fine. When booting roon on the W7 client it sees the server showing in red but then never connects. The W7 client is fine in all other respects. I have reinstalled the W7 client software with no success.

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There is another thread located here:

that shows a possible issue with W7 (and other legacy Windows versions) not working due to these versions of Windows not supporting the latest .NET framework from Microsoft (Roon is built on .NET to allow cross-platform compatibility).

Not sure, but 952 may be using some newer features in .NET that are not compatible with W7 now.


Why are you using such an old version of Windows?

My Music NAS is a stand alleine machine for Music only and has Windos Server 2016 installed. It was running perfect with Roon until recently.

Dedicated client that has worked flawlessly. Its an old NUC that W10 doesnt like so not been able to upgrade.

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