Roon Core can not be found on iPad but can be found via Smart Phone and Laptop

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Sitecom / Wifi

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Description Of Issue

Last week I noticed that Roon is not able to find my Roon Core anymore via my iPad (Software 14.0.1).

I installed the Roon app in the past also my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A7) and my laptop (an old ASUS) and both are still working fine (i.e. they have no problem in finding the Roon Core and I can still play music via that route).

Does anyone has a suggestion what to do?

Thanks in advance.

My suggestion would be to delete the Roon app on your ipad and reinstall

Thanks Dirk.

A friend of my just mentioned to check the local network setting for Roon under privacy settings. Roon was disabled (due to the recent software update of the iPad?!?). After enabling, it works fine again.

Best regards, Jan

For those not that familiar with IPADOS, like me, that have trouble finding the right location on the IPAD, @anon90297517 suggestion should have worked as well when you would have been prompted for Roon internet access during the remote install. I followed what your friend mentioned and was finally able to find it. What was it again, Settings - General - Privacy - Local Network - Roon?

Hi Mike,
Sure, no problem.
I made a screenshot (sorry everything in Dutch), but if you know where to look, easy to find.
Best regards, Jan

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