Roon Core can't see my PC Soundcard

Roon Core Machine

Roon version 1.8 Build 1021

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I’ve got an Asus router. Rhein (Roon core) is connected via Ethernet.
PC (Windows 10) is connected via both ethernet and wifi … I’ve tried to test both and still not detecting my sound card as audio source.

Connected Audio Devices

Creative Sound BlasterX G6
This is connected via original USB.
When I run my PC as a Roon core, it detects it fine.

Number of Tracks in Library

0 - I use Tidal. Did a fresh install.

Description of Issue

When I use my PC Roon app and connect to Rhein Roon Core, I can’t see my PC as an audio device.

When I run my PC as Roon core, it works fine.

I’ve uninstalled the app on VitOS and reinstalled a fresh version of Roon.

Please help me resolve this. This used to work flawlessly.

Disable the firewall on your PC and/or the music server temporarily as a test and see if it works. You may have to add permanent firewall exceptions if that test makes your audio devices appear.


Hey @Mark_Ku,

First off, welcome to the community! Thanks for taking the time to write in, we’re excited to have you here.

Since a few days have passed, I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you’re still having issues? @BlackJack is absolutely steering you in the right direction in investigating your firewall settings on your PC.

Let me know! I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :raised_hands:

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