Roon Core Challenge

Now that Roon is 2.0 and ARC is here, the Roonisphere is expanding. I appreciate the upgrade, however now we are required to re-evaluate our Roon Core needs. Is it possible that this upgrade will lure us to getting Nucleus? The problem with that is that Nucleus is very expensive, and many of us cannot justify the minimum 1400.00 spend. Why not focus on a more feasible Roon Core set up for the average user. Not all Audiophiles are wealthy.

No, you don’t need a Nucleus.

Besides a laptop, what is a good alternative?

Lots of thread here about that.

Every new release of a software version comes with updated hardware and software minimum requirements. NUC requirements haven’t changed nor has Nucleus hardware specs.
For example, minimum Windows version is now 10. Windows 10 was released over 7 years ago, so I hardly think that Roon can be accused of forcing the latest kit on every user.