Roon Core Connectivity and Library Loading Problems

Roon Server Machine

    * OS: GentooPlayer v8.40-186
    * HW: Minisforum NAB6 Intel i7-12650H / 16GB RAM+256GB SSD
    * Roon Core: Version 1.8 build 1151

Roon Remote

    * iPhone 14 Pro Max (iOS 17.1.2), iPad Pro M1 12.1 (iPadOS 17.1)
    * Roon Remote Legacy1.8.0 1151

Networking Gear & Setup Details

    * Router(SGP200W) -> Silent Angel N8 hub -> Roon Core 
    * No VPN, No Roon Arc.

Connected Audio Devices

    * Roon Core -> hub-> Gustard R26(LAN input) -> Amp -> Speaker

Number of Tracks in Library

    * 2,000 tracks
    * Music storage: Media folder(/media/) in the above Roon Core machine
    * Using TIDAL

Description of Issue

Since changing my router connection settings in the past, I have been facing a consistent issue.
Every time I restart the Roon Core machine, I am unable to connect to the Roon Core on the Roon Remote.
After restarting the Roon Core machine, the Roon app shows
“'There was an Issue loading your library’.

Next, when I set the ‘Reset Roon Remote on next startup’ option in the Roon remote settings and restarted the Roon remote, the following events occurred:

  1. The ‘Terms and Conditions’ screen appears when I first open the app. I click ‘I agree’.
  2. On the ‘Choose your Roon Core’ screen, my Roon Core appears. I click ‘Connect’.
  3. The ‘Roon Login’ screen appears. I enter my ID and password.
  4. The message ‘Are you online?’ appears.
  5. I click ‘Retry’., it shows Retrying… and that is it.

I have already tried the following steps in my latest environment in response to the above issue:

  • Reinstalling Roon Remote
  • Reinstalling Roon Server
  • Reinstalling Gentoo Player OS
  • Downgrading the Roon Core (from Roon 2.0 Build 1353 to Roon 1.8)
  • Renaming “RoonServer” folder to rebuild the library.
  • Restore from backups.
  • Toggling the ‘Reset Roon Remote on next startup’ option during the restart of the Roon Remote app.
  • Changing the router
  • Simplifying the router configuration/routing.
  • No “tidal_account” file under “/root/.RoonServer/Database/Registry/Core”

Even after performing all of the above-mentioned reinstallations in my current environment, the same situation occurs again when I reboot the Roon Core machine.

I am prepared to send the log files obtained from the Roon remote app.
Please let me know how I should proceed.

You are sure, the core and the Roon remote(s) are on the same network?

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Yes, of course. I have only one network in my home.
My setup is very simple as follows:

  • SGP200W Wifi router (
    *Silent Angel N8 hub
    • Roon Core (
    • Gustard R26 (
  • Roon Remote (used on both iPhone and iPad) is connected to the Wifi router.


Let me add some information. Actually, connecting to the Roon Core is indeed possible. In my initial post, I stated that I couldn’t connect to the Roon Core. This was in reference to the standard method of connection; however, it is actually possible to connect by restoring from a backup at Step 3.

  1. The ‘Roon Login’ screen appears. Select “restore a backup”

  2. Choose a backup from a time when the connection was successfully established, such as right after reinstalling the OS.

  3. Once the backup is restored, login is successful.

Above means, network connection is normally established, and there might be something wrong in login process.

I can use Roon from backup, thogh I have to repeat this process every time I restart the Core, and I’m unable to save my playback history unless I perform a subsequent backup.

I can provide the Roon remote log file for the login issues explained above.

You can also look into the Roon Server logs yourself to see if there is anything suspicious to see in there. You can surely wait until Roon Support catches up with your case but I fail to see how they can possibly resolve an issue with a corrupted database that, from Roon’s perspective, is supposed to be a rare case occurring only as a result of a hardware failure of some sorts. See also:

As in your case the issue seems to occur repeatedly on machine reboots, it may be tied to your OS as well (the way it’s setup in general, specific storage configuration, …). You might be better served to contact GentooPlayer support (too) for help in debugging your issue.

Thank you for your input. I will check the server log myself, but I’m not sure if I can understand and solve the problem from the log file. What I want to emphasize is that this issue persists even after reinstalling the OS (GentooPlayer). Also, the exact same problem occurred with Roon 2.0, and the issue remained the same even after downgrading to Roon 1.8 following the OS reinstallation.
Therefore, I suspect there might be something wrong with my account.

I see no problems with the GentooPlayer OS, as it works fine when the Roon connection is restored from a backup. The problem is with the Roon App’s connection to the Roon Core after a reboot.

I will wait for the response from the official support team.

What else do you expect from an issue that most-likely stems from hardware failure or OS (mis)configuration. Note: Most such purpose-built OS distributions as GentooPlayer or Roon’s own ROCK are, at least to some extent, read-only by default (from a users perspective).

I see no reason why a Roon account issue should actively destroy a user’s (local) Roon database. If you mean the OS user account instead, then we’re back to ask GentooPlayer support.

I see the potential problem here. Read my comment above about read-only OS installations. Written/changed content is likely been held in an overlay-filesystem in RAM that is not written to persistent storage (properly) on OS shutdown for some reason (that unlikely has anything to do with Roon).
And there is still the matter that your hardware (main suspects RAM or storage devices) may just be faulty.

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After viewing the link you provided, I came to a possibility.

I have been turning off the power directly from the power button without shutting down the OS or Roon, especially since it is GentooPlayerOS. I wondered if this might have been the cause of corrupting the Roon library. Is it necessary to manually shut down the application and OS each time for Roon? Or do I need to “Disconnect” from RoonRemote when shutting down?

Until now, I have been turning off the power without any consideration.

The Roon Server loads its database entirely into RAM for performance when running. If you simply cut the power of the PC where it is running without a proper shutdown then it is entirely conceivable that the database can get corrupted.

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Just because both OS reinstallation and App reinstallation did not change the situation, I guessed that my Roon account might cache some connection information. However, it appears to be just a problem with the local library. Thanks.

I think I have figured out the cause.
The PC I was using as the Roon Core was utilizing a linear power supply. Instead of shutting down the PC using its power button, I was turning off the power supply. This likely created a situation similar to unplugging the power cable, potentially preventing the PC from properly executing the process of writing back data from the RAM to the SSD.
It looks like shutting down using the PC’s power button does not cause login issues (i.e., library corruption). I’m going to stop shutting down by turning off the power supply for a while to see if it prevents the issue from recurring.

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